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Make your first impression count

A goldi profile captures the essence of your company.

Our video team will come to your office to film short, engaging videos that represent your brand, culture and team to help you attract the best talent.

Only highly engaged talent

Visual job descriptions and applications means cutting-through-the-clutter and face-to-face interaction.

Interested candidates use the goldi app to respond to job postings via short videos answering three specific questions of your choice. The result is a higher level of candidate intent and no more spamming!

Save time finding
the right fit

Get to know a candidate before they even walk through the door. No more time wasted coordinating and sitting through first interviews!

By viewing a job seeker's goldi profile and tailored video job application for your role, you can evaluate potential fit in seconds.

Search for the perfect candidate

Easily seek out the talent you’re looking for with goldi’s robust search and filtering features.

Efficiently manage job postings and applications on your goldi dashboard.

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